Sasha and Gabriella love the life of a WAM couple. Every step of their fantasy adventure is a messy affair filled with sploshing, food and sex. We follow the couple for a full day to catch a glimpse of the truly horny couple, ending in an epic dinner buffet. 126 min

They walk into the bathroom chatting and get into the shower. Once they are wet, they switch the water off and shampoo each other’s hair and apply body wash. They kiss during the process as they use a full shampoo bottle and a full body wash bottle till they are completely covered in foam.

Sasha then washes Gabriella off. She then makes Sasha take her cock in her mouth and screams “I’m cumming!” pretending to pump Sasha’s mouth full of cum.

They then embrace in a passionate kiss.

They get out, towel off and start brushing their teeth. They use way too much toothpaste, letting it foam out of the mouth. As it mixes with their saliva it drips down their bodies. They kiss passionately and lick each other’s faces and ears covering each other in toothpaste. Gabriella get’s her cock up Sasha’s ass and stands behind her stroking in and out as they continue to brush their teeth more. She then takes both brushes, pulls her cock out, putting the brushes in Sasha’s ass instead before squeezing her cock in next to them. After a few strokes she pulls them out and they start brushing again.

Scene 2
They are in the bedroom wrapped in towels. They get dressed in outfits with the camera paying close attention to dressing process. One thing that they do out of the ordinary is take stretchy panties and use them to tie up their hair instead of using an elastic.

Scene 3
They are in the kitchen saying how hungry they are. They crack eggs into a bowl. They also cut up some other vegetables to mix into an omelette. They use a speculum to open up Sasha’s pussy or ass and put the eggs in there. Gabriella then fucks her to ‘beat up the eggs’. Sasha then pushes the eggs out onto a frying pan and they mix in other ingredients before frying the omelette.

At the table instead of normal plates and cutlery, one of the girls uses a spare bra, breaking it in the middle and using the bra cups as two bowls. Instead of cutlery or napkins she lays out a couple of pairs of spare panties. They fill up a glass each with juice from the fridge.

They pull out their chairs to reveal suction cup dildos stuck to the seats. They sit down on them, put the omelette into the bra cups, eat with their fingers, wiping with panties and drink juice. After they eat, they get a bit messy/silly as they ride the dildos.

Scene 4
In the bedroom getting dressed in yoga/sporty outfits.

Scene 5
Doing exercise/yoga. If you have access to some props that they can be naughty with, that would be nice, but not a must.
Would like to see them stretching each other initially.
At some point during the exercise one of the models can pee her pants.
Things can get kinkier with one reaching into the other’s tights while she is doing an exercise/stretch. This can escalate to Gabriella pulling Sasha’s tights down during one of the exercises and starting to fuck her. Eventually I would like to see them using lots of oil and lubricant to make the whole scene very slimy. They should keep their outfits on as much as possible. At the end Gabriella should pretend to cum deep inside Sasha’s ass.

Scene 6
Casual home outfits. A montage showing how they are living their daily life.

6.1 Gabriella is sitting on the couch with a laptop on her left as she browses porn. Sasha is laying with her head in Gabriella’s lap as she nurses on Gabriella’s right tit. Both are fully dressed with just Gabriella exposing her tit.

6.2 Sasha is laying outside on the back deck. Gabriella comes over with an ejaculating strapon sticking out of her panties and without warning covers Sasha in loads of cum. Sasha looks up for a second to smile and say “thank you” before going back to her magazine.

6.3 Sasha is talking on the phone. Gabriella comes over still with her face plastered with cum. She pulls up Sasha’s skirt and pulls her panties aside, starting to fuck her while Sasha stays on the phone continuing her conversation like nothing has changed.

Scene 7
Both are still in the same outfits and Gabriella still hasn’t cleaned her face up. They are sitting at a table with 2 laptops in front of them. There is porn playing on one laptop. On the other laptop, they are browsing through a website where you can buy groceries.
They are doing their weekly grocery shopping. As they go through the items they decide what they would like to eat and also what nasty, sexy things they can do with the food, such as insertions, messy sex and Gabriella fucking things.

Eventually all that dirty talk gets them really hot.

Scene 8
Getting dressed for dinner and doing their makeup. Plenty of detail as they pull on their outfits, and help each other apply some simple minor makeup and do each others hair.

Scene 9
First thing we see is the dinner table. There are two bra cups on the table instead of plates. There is a big pile of panties next to them that will be used for wiping. There are 3 large pasta dishes and then there is a platter with long cucumbers, carrots, bananas, corn and anything else they can fuck each other with. The rest of the table is filled with about 10 different cakes.

They start by eating some of the pasta using the bra cups as plates and their fingers to eat. As they get dirty, they use some of the panties from the big pile and wipe the hands on themselves and each other.

Things escalate by them filling up the bras they are wearing with pasta. Sasha sensing that they are about to lose all control suggests that they use a pair of panties each to tie up their hair in a ponytail.

The movie ends with a messy food fuck