Messy Girls: Salivation


Anatomik Media's Messy Girls is an extreme spit fetish movie starring the nastiest girls we know! Adriana Chechik is unquestionably the nastiest girl in porn…but who’s the second? It’s time to find out! After accepting her crown, it is up to Adriana to test the endurance of Zoe Wood and Hope Howell to find out who is truly the nastiest…

Messy Girls starts with Hope and Zoe presenting Adriana with the crown for being nastiest and they celebrate a little before the action. Then they start showing each other off to the camera: Legs wide apart, up-skirt views, on their knees and spreading each others ass checks, asses up in air, crawling around on the floor and spreading their asses some more. Lots of tongue kissing and spitting in each others mouths…

The scene slowly gets more heated with multiple fingers inserted in pussies and asses, fingers in mouth, deep-throating each others mouths, lots of spit in each others mouths…spitting huge collected gobs into the bowl. Slow movement and extreme close-ups stretching out pussies and and asses.

Then it's time for the oil! The girls pour rivers of oil all over each other: down their front, all over their skimpy outfits & stockings – all over each others ass and tits, getting really wet and messy.

90 min


Then they break out the assorted dildos and get to work. Big suction dildos with the girls taking turns dominating each other, getting really aggressive and forcing each other to deep-throat the dildos, pouring oil everywhere and spitting in each others mouth, deep-throating the dildos, going all the way to the balls. Lots of sloppy drool, spit, oil and saliva.

They work their way through the dildos from smallest to largest, deepthroating them to the balls and working up gobs of spit that they suck up and spit back in the glass bowl, and then back into each others mouths…tongues swirling around dildos and balls.

They take turns lying directly under each other and begin the deepthroat challenge – really face fucking themselves hard with the massive cocks. They bring up loads of spit and dribble on the other girls faces – covering them with spit.


PileDriver toying
They each lie on their back with their asses high in air, spreading their cheeks, licking each others ass and ramming dildos as hard as possible. When they pull out the dildo each girls spits into her gaping asshole, extreme gaping with tongue rimming and fisting pussy and ass. They take turns hanging their head over the couch while the other girls spit in her mouth and really throat fuck her with the big dildo – spit running all over her face and down her hair. The girls put each end of the double ended dildo in their mouths and push in and out of the other girls pussy and ass…looking at camera the whole time. Lots of oil and spit are everywhere.

It’s getting messy with lots of gagging sounds and spit running down everyone’s faces. Each takes turns moving onto the larger dildos, putting them in their in pussy and ass (DP) and fucks it furiously with other girls face really close to the action holding her ass cheeks apart, licking her pussy and ass between thrusts.

Moving up in size to bigger dildo, then biggest dildo, they go for some really deep insertion in the ass to the balls from a variety of positions and angles, alternating with fingers and fists. Extreme gaping and rimming. Sliding up and down on the dildos while the other girl spreads her ass.

Double penetration with two toys or double ended dildo. Both deep-throat double ended dildo and meet tongues.

Girls spit in each others faces, then try again. They drink a big jug of milk that they take turns drinking out of, swallowing heaps of it but also dribbling it down their bodies.

They get as rough as they can with each other, shoving dildos in each others pussy and ass, spitting in each others face, fingers in each others mouths stretching mouth out, slapping each others asses and faces.

Finale part: The girls pour large amounts of cream into their mouth then drools down into each others mouths and breasts and onto pussy and ass and rubs it in. Then they pour another mouthful of cream and drool onto the big black dildo for one last nasty deep-throat gagging session….balls deep with cream going down the dildo and everywhere, spitting cream into each others mouths.

The girls finally kiss and smile – exhausted messes.