Messy Girls 2: The Last Supper


Messy Girls 2 stars Gabriella Paltrova, Adriana Chechik, Hope Howell and Sarah Vandella in the most epic food fight ever! Adriana has invited her friends over for a dinner party and unleashes an unholy wet and messy war on them.

Messy Girls 2 brings together 4 lovely ladies for a quaint dinner party. Adriana Chechik has invited her friends over for a nice evening of pastries and vegetables. She's excited about the evening she has planned and says a few words… Suddenly a food fight erupts. Pies are flying, whipped cream and honey are squirted and jelly is being dumped all over themselves. The fight escalates to a full blown food war…

Adriana is held firmly down on the table while raw eggs are dumped in her mouth. She gags and refuses to swallow the eggs, spitting them up every time one is stuffed in her mouth. They try the same with grape jelly but this time there is a different reaction. She chews up the jelly and gets turned on, smearing the jelly into her face and hair. She starts kissing the other girls, smashing it into their faces.

All girls kiss and put more and more jelly into their mouths, rubbing it all over their boobs and pussies. They get out the cans of whipped cream and start spraying each other with it.

67 min

The girls are kissing, aggressive and forceful, violent, sexual and uninhibited – jelly running all over the girls faces while they choke on the whipped cream, spitting and gagging on the food.

Cucumbers are introduced to the mix, but they’re not for eating… The girls use the cucumbers as dildos, ramming them into their pussies and asses, using the whipped cream as lube. The girls get messier and messier, nastier and nastier with ass to mouth cucumber action, ass to ass, cucumber to ass, etc. They spray several shots of whipped cream into their asses and shoot it over the girls faces and into each others mouths. The girls get nastier as they go….hotter and hornier as the mess piles up around them.

They get the honey off of the table and start squirting it all over the place, putting the nozzle up their asses and squirting loads of honey on each others faces.

They squirt it out of their asses into each others mouth, distributing the gooey liquid like an asshole honeycomb.

The girls bust out a speculum and use it to administer the goodies into their orifices. They fill Hope’s pussy with as much honey as possible and it oozes out of her pussy while everyone scrambles to get it into their mouths. Then they use the speculum to fill Sarah’s ass with whipped cream and she pushes it out of her ass right into Adriana’s waiting mouth.

The girls start putting strawberries into their pussies and asses, pushing them out into each others mouths. They ram the peeled bananas into their pussies and then chew them up, spitting it all over the place. They rub banana paste all over their faces and pussies.

They bring a bowl of liquid peanut butter and more whipped cream and jelly… They shoot the whipped cream in their pussies and pour the peanut butter all over their bodies. Then they sit on each other’s faces, push out the cream and eat each other out with the mess running all over them.

Then they kiss and finger each other with which they pick the strawberries from the pussies to eat them.

Adriana introduces the pies and puts them on the floor. The girls line up and sit down on them, rubbing all the pie guts all over their pussies and asses. They grind on the pies and roll back and forth on the floor in the mess – getting covered from head to toe while they masturbate.