Ultimate Fantasy Service


Dee Williams provides the Ultimate Fantasy Service. Sasha Heart has had a fantasy of being dominated by an older woman and now is her chance. 50 min. Bonus Scene: Chanel Preston shows Karma Rx what happens to smart asses like her in HOT OILY FUCK. 35 min

Dee sits opposite Sasha at a table. Sasha slides an envelope across the table to Dee.

Sasha : Money’s all there as agreed!

Dee (lights a cigarette): So sweetheart what can i do for you today? I want you to tell me your deepest darkest fantasies

Sasha: I’ve been having these recurring dreams where I’m having the nastiest & most animalistic SEX you could imagine! But it’s with another woman, an older woman…and it’s a fantasy i need to fulfill. I guess thats why I’m here today. Have i come to the right place?

Dee (smiles while smoking): Baby you have no idea

Dee places her cigarette on an ashtray, walks over to Sasha and extends her hand.

Dee: Shall we begin?”

Both women walk off to the bedroom holding hands.

Dee & Sasha enter the bedroom. Dee pins Sasha against the wall.

Dee: So you wanna be fucked rough do ya”

Sasha nods!!

Dee: I’m going to fucking devour you”

Dee puts her hand up Sasha’s top groping her tits, while kissing her neck and lips. Sasha puts two of Dee’s fingers in her mouth, licks & sucks on them. Dee puts her hand between Sasha’s legs and fingers her hard against the wall kissing her on the neck & lips!

They undress each other kissing like crazy. Dee throws off the bed sheet! Dee pins Sasha back on the bed and starts kissing her stomach & sucking Sasha’s tits! They look into each others eyes while kissing.

Sasha: I want you to fuck me. Fuck me like you hate me
Dee smiles and takes out her Strapon and a squeezer liquid bottle full with baby oil. She starts squirting oil all over herself then on Sasha’s back & chest. Dee puts on her strapon and takes off her own heels. Sasha’s heels stay on throughout!!

Sasha is bent over and Dee starts pounding & pumping her really hard, pulling Sasha’s hair and putting her hands over her mouth. Really intense fucking.

Dee turns Sasha over on her back and forces herself on Sasha. She starts fucking Sasha really hard in various positions, looking into her eyes and spitting in her mouth & kissing.

Then she lifts Sasha up mid-air and pounds her while standing. She applies more oil on herself & Sasha.

Dee carries Sasha over to the leather sofa. She fucks Sasha senseless in various doggy & missionary positions. Applying oil while fucking…Sasha starts to cum and they kiss each other with passion.

Dee takes off her strapon and manhandles Sasha onto the bed for rough pussy licking and fingering. She fingers & eats Sasha from front & behind. Dee lies back and forces Sasha to tongue & finger her pussy.

Dee licks Sasha’s face clean and they kiss some more! Dee lies back, Sasha grabs Dee’s tits & sucks them hard. Both women kiss for a few minutes! They lie back on their pillows.

Dee lights up a cigarette and says “WELL WAS THAT ROUGH ENOUGH FOR YA”

Sasha smiles biting her finger. They both smile and kiss