Messy Girls 4: Eggheads


Messy Girls 4 is a huge wet and messy adventure! Sasha Heart, Gabriella Paltrova and Charlotte Cross star in an epic story of girl meets girl….meets girl with eggs. Weird experiments are performed, sex is had, messes are made.

GABI & CHARLOTTE meet for their first lesbian experience. They are shy and unsure of what to do at first. They sit opposite in lingerie, talking about what the things they like and have done. They begin to shyly kiss and caress one another, turning each other on and getting into it. At first they are apprehensive and timid but then really start to turn up the heat. Unbeknownst to them, a sexy blonde is lurking outside the window, perving on them having sex.

They start licking tits and pussies, slowly becoming more intense. CHARLOTTE takes a dildo and starts to satisfy GABI & she squirts in CHARLOTTE’S face.

They notice SASHA outside, looking in the window touching herself. They invite her in. SASHA is holding a large bowl of eggs. Charlotte asks her what she's doing outside and she explains that she would like to perform a little experiment. Next to Sasha are baskets of food: jelly, applesauce, pudding, whipped cream, bananas, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, corncobs, butter sticks.

79 min


They ALL crack the eggs into a couple large bowls. The girls take turns having their pussies eaten by one while another girl dumps eggs over her head. CHARLOTTE & GABI ask SASHA in and begin kissing and having sex.

They start to fuck one another with cucumbers, filling up panties with eggs. When the panties are saturated and full with egg, they pull their lingerie off. They crush up and chew up banana and smash it into pussies and asses.

The girls then use the tomatoes and hard boiled eggs and put them in their holes, keeping them in there for awhile. They cover one another with whipped cream from head to toe and fill their mouths with cream and swap it a few times back and forth while spitting the cream in one another’s faces.

The girls start pushing out the tomatoes and the recipient(s) catch them in a bowl of relish and eat them with a fancy spoon. GABI works on making herself squirt and squirts CHARLOTTE & SASHA in the face. CHARLOTTE & SASHA smear jelly all over GABI and the jelly fight continues. They all get it on again…experimenting with more whipped cream.

The girls introduce SPECULUMS and more food – bringing out the pudding and applesauce.

CHARLOTTE lays down and is completely covered with apple sauce. GABI lays down on her, sliding back and forth, squeezing the sauce out to the side. SASHA pours applesauce over CHARLOTTE & GABI’S heads and it turns her on. SASHA demands being covered with applesauce and having her tits and pussy licked.

ALL girls slowly pour pudding over one another’s heads and kiss and lick tits and pussies. CHARLOTTE & SASHA lay head-to-head and GABI sits on their faces – one on the ass and one on the pussy. GABI pours the rest of the food over herself. They use the corncobs as dildos, repeatedly smeared with Earth Balance “butter”, ending with GABI squirting CHARLOTTE & SASHA several times in the face.