Jane Wilde has a new job selling sex toys door-to-door. She shows up to her friend Paige Owens house and convinces her to test out some of the toys on her. Jane gets a wild idea and suddenly Paige is handcuffed, face down, ass up. With several foods sitting around, Jane tries out some new sex techniques on Paige and then they take turns on each others asses, filling them with everything in sight. 94 min

Paige comes into the kitchen all sweaty after a workout and makes a smoothie. As she starts the blender, the doorbell rings. Paige goes to the door – it’s her neighbor Jane. She has a new job as a sex toys representative. Jane wants to gawk at her sweaty, lingerie-clad body but contains herself. Paige invites her in.

Paige offers her a refreshment, but she declines thankfully. Jane opens her suitcase, and begins a brief conversation about her job. She abruptly stops and tells Paige that she knows she loves fucking herself with a big dildo like this one (pulls dildo out of suitcase).

She knows she likes being fucked by several men at the same time…anal, DP… Paige is completely embarrassed – then slyly, how would you know that? Then talks about how much she loves being DPd, fucked hard, facials, swallowing…

Jane thinks it’s hot and perverted and wants to do it some time. She asks Paige if she’s ever used toys. She’d like to try her handcuffs and ball gag on her. Paige has never tried anything like this but she’s open to everything. Jane puts the ball gag on her and has her kneel doggie style, over the ottoman