Submerged: Step-sisters in Love

Submerged: Step-sisters in Love

The shoot for Submerged was something we had really been looking forward to. It was our first underwater sex scene and we were thrilled to have the chance to finally move into underwater shooting. Experimenting and trying new things is always fun!

The video starts out with Pepper relaxing in the jacuzzi when her step-sister Odette gets home and decides to join her. They’re finally alone after all of the wedding festivities. Soon after Odette gets in, Pepper decides to take another chance and leans in to kiss her. Though unspoken, they were definitely concerned that the debauchery was only a one weekend kind of thing. Luckily for Pepper, Odette responds and they both just know the passion they have is undeniable.

They decide to get in the pool, swimming around, enjoying the warmth of the sun and water. They look like angelic mermaids with the sunlight glistening in the water from above. They slowly begin to explore the sensuality of intimacy under water and begin caressing, groping and kissing one another. Their passion increases with their excitement and the two bring one another to orgasm in what can only be described as intense and uniquely beautiful.

We all really enjoyed making this video. Dan on camera, along with Odette and Pepper eventually got into a solid groove, going under and taking breaks for air at the same time. It was not without challenges though the girls are very good swimmers and it made a big difference.

In addition to shooting an underwater scene for the first time, we also got to experiment with recording audio underwater. How’d we do it? We wrapped a mic in two condoms secured with duct tape and sunk it in the water. The first time we dropped that mic in we were a bit apprehensive but it all worked out in the end. 🙂