Inflatable Wonderland Massacre

Inflatable Wonderland Massacre

One of our favorite inflatables fetish video shoots to date! We had a blast making this video and the results were great. We spent about 3 hours blowing up the inflatables with 3 electric blowers.

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A friendly contest turns into no holds barred mass destruction as 3 girls fight to the finish in this wild inflatable popping game. In the end, everybody gets to rage on the inflatables because who’s keeping score anyway?!

The object of the game is to collect as many beachballs out of the pool as possible. The only catch is that they have to retrieve the balls while on the floatie of their choice and bring them all the way back to the other end of the pool. This proves difficult for some of our sexy contestants.

The hilariousness continues when Juliette tries to steal Gabriella’s floatie to prevent her from getting more balls to pop. Needless to say, you do not fuck with Gabi. As soon as she discovers Juliette on her floatie, she promptly dive bombs Juliette and gets it back.

Inflatables Fetish Video

After all the beachballs are collected, each girl gets to pop and rip apart the balls they have collected. The losers are creamed with shaving cream pies. But wait, a struggle ensues and everybody ends up messy.

This is all fun and games for the girls but the Wonderland is still standing. ALL of the inflatable must go! The girls go berzerk and destroy everything else in sight, with shaving cream all over them.

Inflatables Fetish Custom Video
The girls use the inflatables and become friends with them… but in the end the inflatables mean nothing to them and they are stabbed in the back. The girls writhe in the drunken pleasure of destruction.
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