Exile Distribution Deal

Exile Distribution Deal

We are very excited to announce that we have just signed a deal with Exile Distribution to handle our DVD releases and parts of our online distribution. This is incredible news for us. Howard at Exile is a longtime fixture in the adult world and we are happy to have him representing our work.

This means that you can now find many of our previous titles on DVD at your favorite local pervy place. Just go in and ask if they have Anatomik Media titles. If they don’t – complain! Cause a scene and start cursing and throwing stuff around, preferably dildos. Then you should say something like:

This is a travesty! I can’t believe you don’t have Anatomik Media titles in this dump. What kind of adult bookstore is this?

Then rage some more and burn it down. Ok maybe not that last part but you get the picture. Maybe you can just request it and not make such a scene.

Our titles are now available in many online stores that they weren’t in previously so look us up at your favorite outlet. We plan to release more of our past titles as well as the new ones moving forward.

If you are looking for Anatomik DVDs, you can order them through EXILE Distribution

You can also see a couple articles about our new deal here: