Cassidy Klein Gunge Masturbation Up Now!

Cassidy Klein Gunge Masturbation Up Now!

Our latest wet and messy video starts out with Cassidy Klein in an inflatable pool, showing off her fit, black, latex clad arms and legs.

She’s just waiting for the gunge to come out of our slow drip delivery system and envelop her in it’s gooey, slimy goodness. Cassidy is really turned on by the idea and then finally, it comes oozing out! She gets more and more turned on as the slime begins dripping onto her body, covering her completely and she starts to masturbate wildly. When you think she’s had enough she demands more and dunks her head straight into the bucket of black goo, coating her head and face completely. In the end, she was a very satisfied, slime-covered mess.

We were so excited about her commitment to these video because we knew our client would be happy about how much she really got into it. We think his idea of Cassidy wearing the black, latex stockings and gloves created a really nice contrast with the pink gunge.

This particular custom video was so much fun for all of us to make. Though I must say that one of the best parts was roaming around Home Depot looking for items to put together an overhead gunge delivery system. If anyone heard our conversation, they probably thought “WTF?” Haha! Probably not the typical conversation overheard there.

Setting up a messy slime video is always fun, mixing up buckets of goo and preparing the area for the mess. There’s a process to mix up the gunge, so we busted out our handy stick blenders and buckets to turn powder into magic. Lesson finally learned – do NOT mix gunge with a regular whisk. 5 minutes of whisking by hand is not fun. Especially when you have to make 10 buckets! All said and done, it might take awhile to set up and clean up but it is totally worth the effort 🙂